Vether is an inovation Fiat gateway into the real Decentrialized Financial world. Vether U2D Protocol allow everyone in the crypto currency industry or event ouside the crypto currency industry can access to the DEFI world easily where the real freedom of money takes place
Strongly team
A team with rich experience in Blockchain & Tradition Financial
We see the problem
We understand the hussel of users who wanna access into the DEFI but with long process and hide potential risk during several steps they usually give up
The scale of DEFI is now limited because only a small group of users who has hightech skill know how to acccess into DEFI
We compe up with solution
Vether with act as the gateway to shorten the step of accessing into DEFI. From Fiat to DEFI
With our experience and expertise we forsee the near future crypto currency financial structure will develop following the development of the traditional finance structure. That is where Vether will play its role as a Payment Gateway like Alipay or Zalopay is playing its role in the traditional finance structure nowaday. That is long - term vision of Vether - being a stablecoin blockchain based mobile payment services which allow Vether to cooperate with others businesses in the global marketplace.
VT token is issued on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20). Vether owns the VT token. VT token plays an important role in our project. Investors, believers and those supporting Vether will share in the profits. VT will be required for any partner to join the Vether Network in SEA. VT is the reward to the community and allows the users to enjoy the benefit of holding VT.
All VT tokens have a lock-up period to ensure the growth of the project with fairness to all investors.
Details of the lock-up rules can be found in Vether Whitepaper 1.7- Token Mechanism
VT Token Allocation